3 Facebook E-Commerce Apps That Will Enhance Your Sales

//3 Facebook E-Commerce Apps That Will Enhance Your Sales

3 Facebook E-Commerce Apps That Will Enhance Your Sales

The e-commerce field has been on a non-stoppable evolution. The buzz started with e-commerce – electronic commerce. Everyone is building an online store or a website to sell their product. The next phase is m-commerce – mobile commerce. The norm of selling through a mobiledevice is taking shape,but it is no longer a buzz. Now, fcommerce – Facebook e-commerce is the new trend in town. Everyone is moving to sell products on Facebook.

Developers are not left outs in this transformation. They are developing apps to make it easy for buyers to purchase products through Facebook. Also, the company is on its process of launching an app to help customers to buy using their Facebook logins (but the dream is yet to become a reality). Before then, here are three Facebook apps to harness your sales:


If you aren’t an entrant in the e-commerce field, you are aware of Shopify. This platform is the leading e-commerce solution that offers small and medium businesses an all in one solution. When it comes to selling on Facebook, Shopify is among the top apps or platforms that support the deal. Shopify comes with a plan dedicated to Facebook entrepreneurs. The Shopify Lite plan allows you to create a Facebook store and enjoy all the features availed on this platform. With it, you can sell through Facebook page and messenger. All you need is a monthly fee of $9,and you will be on your way to harnessed Shopify Facebook store.


Apart from Shopify, BigCommerce is the next kingmaker in the e-commerce industry. Like Shopify, this platform has an app dedicated to social selling. The SocialShop app allows you to build a Facebook store that you can use to drive your sales. You have an opportunity to list up to 100 items on your store for $24.95 per month. You can add more products to your list for more charges. With this app, your customers can purchase products on Facebook and continue chatting with peers. It comes with a buy button. The good part of this app is you do not pay any transaction fees.


Another app for selling products on Facebook is Shoptab. This app works in two ways. You can integrate it with your online store or establish a full independent Facebook store. Also, it is easy to set up and operate. The best idea about Shoptab is that it supports over 50 international currencies. As such, it is a good way to sell products on Facebook targeting an international audience.

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